Introductions and dealing with some daily struggles pushing past our limitations and what’s to come on our future podcasts.


  • Posted September 2, 2019 9:15 pm 0Likes
    Shmuel Adler

    I feel this idea of having a podcast “Abilities Unleashed” is BRILLIANT!! Even more brilliant is having JJ Eizik and Yehuda Gelman as the hosts for the podcast!! Being that anyone who hears even a small segment of their personal stories on how disregarding all setbacks they “unleashed their abilities” and constantly strove forward in their lives not letting anything hold them back, will learn that they are both two people who utterly epitomize this idea above and beyond!!
    Kudos to Jtribe for selecting these two phenomenal hosts! JJ and Yehuda – there is no doubt at all that you will inspire a great many more people than just yourselves! Being someone who has experience my share of difficulty in life myself, I am personally greatly looking forward to listening to this so valuable podcast in the coming months!

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