Untangling Shame with Compassion & Curiosity with Bruchy Moskovicz, LMSW, CCLS – Part 2

“Untangling Shame with Compassion & Curiosity” is actually a sequel to last week’s episode “ Web of Shame “. Shame is a pretty big topic and we are often left unaware of the harmful way Shame can wreak havoc on our lives. Although there is now a lot more talk about it since Brene Brown came on the pop psychology scene, Bruchy ads an incredible depth and sensitivity to the topic, making it even more understandable than ever before. 

In her work as a therapist, Bruchy takes a holistic approach to therapy, utilizing mindfulness, 12-steps and other spiritual concepts, and as well as psychodrama techniques. Her clients come from wide-ranging backgrounds; across cultural origins, different genders, across political viewpoints, and religious creeds. Bruchy has a unique understanding of how those personal factors impact life, and a strong appreciation for the power of culture, religion, and family in shaping our experiences and in alleviating – and contributing to – our suffering. 

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