Health and Wellness UNPLUGGED

Eve Elenhorn’s experience and knowledge brings light to the health and wellness industry to shed light on the “realness to illness “ . She guides women on weight loss but more importantly the root causes of symptoms rather than put a bandaid on chronic health issues that can sometimes prevent those from losing weight .


E5 | How can your genetics play a role on your health?

We are told to eat well and we will maintain a healthy lifestyle but another factor on how we do that is how we break down nutrients and expel toxins. Understanding our genetic composition can help determine how well our body is working.


E4 | Emotional Eating

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle we don’t know how to separate our emotions from our relationship with food which tends to be a struggle for many who are trying to lose weight. Eve discusses many tips and ideas on how you can have a better relationship with food and understand that…


Common Weight Loss Struggles

In today’s world weight loss is such a hot topic but is a struggle for many when all it’s really doing is emptying our pockets . Weight loss is not just about a number on the scale but more about a way of life . On this podcast you will…


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