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Ida Levy is the foodie behind the @KitchenAccomplished instagram account. She loves being a mom, menu planning, kitchen organizing, recipe development, and entertaining, but her first passion was technology! Since owning her first home computer in the early 1990s, Ida has always been fascinated by the speed at which the tech field has evolved. She loves reading about tech, playing with new tech, and of course talking about tech. She has found a fellow tech geek in Yossi Akselrud and the time flies when they “talk nerd” together. Ida’s weekly tech tip Tuesday (with over 500 Instagram story highlights) has evolved into a weekly podcast with Yossi called “Tech Talk Tuesday”.
Join us every week as we talk about tech in the news, tech concepts, tech rumors, and tech tips!
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E4 | It’s a Brave New Digital World

Blogger ethics and advertising disclosure, amazon employment and cool applications for virtual and augmented reality


E3 | Social Media Etiquette & The Demise of Tech Design?

Ida & Yossi give a quick rundown of the history social media, the origins of cyber bullying and introduce a new segment about social media etiquette. What is tanking faster, social media respects or sleek technology?


E2 | Facebook, fake news, and new iPods

Ida and Yossi share their opinions on the fake news epidemic as it relates to freedom of speech- or is it slander? When have viral videos gone too far? Whats the difference between Facebook and supermarket tabloids? They also get into the hot topic of digital security. Which company do…


E1 | Tech Talk Tuesdays | WWDC Edition

Ida and Yossi discuss all of the announcements from the 2019 Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Want to know what you can expect from your technology? We’ll explain it all to you in layman’s terms and even talk about some of the unconfirmed rumors! Yossi will give you the inside scoop on…


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