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Yechezkel Moskowitz and Nachman Mostofsky team up to bring you political talk for the Jewish Community. 

Yechezkel is the special assistant to Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz, while Nachman is the Executive Director of Chovevei Zion, the only center-right Orthodox Jewish organization. Their beliefs in family, personal responsibility, sanctity of life, lowering taxes, removing overburdening regulation, and less government may be something you haven’t heard before. That’s OK.

If that wasn’t enough, they will tackle topics like nationalism, border security, education freedom, and of course God and Judaism. Oh, did we mention the guests they will have? 

So buckle up, and tune in, as they take you along the journey through the politics of it all. 

Because this is Media. The RIGHT way!

To find out what they’re up to while not on the air, follow them on twitter at @ymosko and @mostofsky. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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E16 | Israel Boomerangs Back at BDS

A discussion with Ezri Tubi, Founder of Boomerang, about Israel finally deporting Omar Shakir for his promoting of anti-Semitic economic warfare against the State of Israel.


E15 | Conservatives are Getting Groyped

A discussion on a fast-growing group in instigators at conservative events that are trying to tear down the entire conservative movement with bigotry and racism, and how their fiscal and anti-Israel arguments make no sense once they are dissected.


E14 | Florida to Get Loomered, Then Get Banned on Social Media

Laura Loomer is on to discuss social media bans, anti-Semitism, and of course her run to be the next congressmember from the 21st District in Florida.


E13 | Turkey Is an Ally Controlled by a Madman, KPP Are Marxists, and Is Israel Going for Third Elections? Welcome to 5780!

With Trump pulling all 50 troops out of KPP controlled areas on the Turkish border, is it all that bad? Should Israel be nervous about these developments? Oren Hazan joins the conversation to talk about this and what is happening in Israel with the elections, and talks about how he…


E12 | Ignoring the Coal Mine Canary Is as Progressive as Practicing BDS from a Smartphone with Israeli Technology in It.

Yechezkel Moskowitz joins a panel to discuss anti-Semitism in the USA; it’s reasons, how it effects national security, and what can be done to stem the tide. With permission from the Center for Security Policy.


E11 |The Intersectionality of Teaching Anti-Semitism and Voting for Anti-Semites.

President Trumps comments on the loyalty of Jews who vote for anti-Semites. Also, Laurie Cordoza-Moore from Proclaiming Justice to The Nations joins in to discuss the anti-Semitism being used in curriculum throughout the county indoctrinating youth with anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.


E10 | Hebron isn’t Apartheid. But Bethlehem is Judenrein.

An in depth discussion on the cancelled Tlaib/Omar trip to Israel with guest Yishai Fleisher, the International Spokesman for Hebron Jewish Community.


E9 | Are the Hong Kong Protests a Chinese Knockoff of a Liberty Movement?

Discuss the disgusting cultural appropriation by left wing progressive organizations as they hijacked the solemn day of Tisha b’Av for their political partisanship agenda. Also, a long form interview with Dr. J. Michael Waller, VP of The Center for Security Policy about the protests in Hong Kong & the impact…


E8 | Are Mass Shootings the Only Bipartisan Thing Left in this Country?

We have on Jack Posobiec, host on One America News Network, to discuss the tragic mass shootings. We also discuss the Antifa Movement, it’s history and violence.


E7 | The American Left unites for Reverend Al, Who Loves Baltimore (Except the Hymie Parts) and the Isreali Right Unites for Bibi (Except the Lieberman Parts).

Discuss the Twitter feud between the president and what seems the entire Democratic Party over their support for racist anti-Semite Al Sharpton. Also, some in-depth look at the Likud & United Right Party.


E6 | The NYPD gets China’d. Soaked with nothing to show for it.

Discussing the attack on the NYPD officers by bystanders and the ridiculous case of Georgia Rep. Erica Thomas. Scott Ellis explains the new treaty to replace NAFTA and trade policies with China.


E5 | The Mos Show “Occupies” Israel

The Mos Show is live from the Holy Land speaking about all things Israel. Also, interviews with Governor Huckabee and  congressional candidate Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis about their trip in Israel.


E3 | Morals matter and Mike Cernovich does a mitzvah.

Discussion on morals in America. Also, an exclusive interview with Mike Cernovich on winning his battle to unseal court documents pertaining to Jeff Epstein.


E2 | Register Republican? IfNotNow, when?

Natan Nestel talks about the increasing anti-Israel activities on college campuses by leftist organizations, GOP Co-chair Tommy Hicks Jr. talks about the GOP and how the party will engage the Jewish community going into 2020, and Chezki and Nachman discuss political party registrations.


E1 | Should Iran Get Nukes & Speech Be Free? There’s a Progressively Bad Questionnaire For That!

Hi-tech attacks on free speech, progressive questionnaires, and Fred Fleitz talks Iran.


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